5 reasons it’s better to enjoy a holiday in the UK this Summer
5 reasons it’s better to enjoy a holiday in the UK this Summer

5 reasons it’s better to enjoy a holiday in the UK this Summer


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The Oxford Dictionary says that a 'staycation' is a holiday spent in your own country rather than abroad, and it's an idea many UK holidaymakers have been following over the last decade. 

Staycations certainly aren't limited to, but are definitely more popular with families as people easily reminisce about good times spent with each other instead of just the places they visited.

'Quality Time Together' undoubtedly underpins the finer aspects of the staycation, and therefore ensures it's more than just a convenient piece of vocabulary.

So forget airport queues and unfavourable exchange rates, here are some of the reasons why people think holidays in the UK are better...

1 - Nostalgia

Childhood memories and nostalgia often play a big part in deciding where to go on holiday. Remember playing eye-spy in the car on the way, or eating fish and chips by the sea?

82 per cent of Brits rank the UK as their favourite childhood holiday destination and 46 percent return to places they've already been with their own families.

2 - No baggage restrictions

Families know the nightmare of sticking to baggage allowances with young children and babies, so the beauty of a UK break means you can pack in as much as you can, and with much less fuss!

Ladies, that means as many pairs of shoes as you want! 

3 - Spontaneity

One of the best things about a UK break is the feeling of impulsiveness. You don't need visas, or passports, or even different currencies... so can book a short break, get in the car and go!

With minimal planning, you can jump in your car and enjoy a great British holiday. Taking your own car also means that, if necessary, exploration can include the local area.

4 - Amazement

There's so many good things on your doorstep! Millions of tourists come to Britain each year, and with good reason. So get patriotic!

The UK has amazing beaches, walks, food and entertainment, and bright sunshine is the cherry on top. When that happens, there's nowhere better!

5 - Cost

Expensive flights and seemingly endless unavoidable add-ons and extras means costs quickly mount up, even more so when you take into account the relative strength of the pound overseas.

So-called 'stealth' charges like hidden transaction fees can also be a pain, so having a clear cost of things in pounds is a no-brainer for many people, and provides peace of mind and a worry-free holiday!