What kids and teens are looking for on a summer holiday

What kids and teens are looking for on a summer holiday


Want to know what kids are looking for this summer in a summer holiday or short getaway? We reveal what will keep kids and teens happy and what is at the top of their lists when it comes to their perfect break.

Read on for inspiration to make sure you tick some of their boxes before you book…



  • Fun on tap – kids love to be entertained all day so look for somewhere where there is lots of fun things to do and a friendly and fun team organising and running it. Choose somewhere where they can run, play and splash in safety, have lots of space to run in and where the fun and adventure is included in the price


  • Activities galore – keep them busy and let them burn off energy with lots of activities and sports. Ideally with some of their favourites, plus new ones, some that will challenge them and ones that you can do together


  • Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside – children love to be by the sea, and sandy beaches and water make the perfect backdrop for some family fun. Build sandcastles, go hunting for treasures, skim stones, go for a paddle, play ball, fly a kite and just enjoy feeling the sand between your toes


  • Eating their body weight in ice cream – rated as essential by young children, it is well known that children who have a supply of ice cream on holiday will be happy – for five minutes at least!
What kids are looking for this summer


  • Staying up late – all kids love to stay up late on holiday so family friendly evening entertainment goes down really well as it gives them a reason to be up later and feel grown up


  • Other children to play with – kids love playing together and making friends. Kids’ Clubs are a great way for children for them to talk to other children their own age and make friends


  • A new experience – whether camping under the stars, going to the circus or riding a Segway, kids love to do something new and different on holiday



  • Chilling by the pool – teens love people watching and relaxing by the pool with a magazine, music and a book in hand is pretty much their favourite thing to do


  • Something that will look good on their Instagram – teenagers think in terms of photos and what will look great on their social media accounts and make their friends impressed and jealous!


  • WiFi – many teens will want to keep chatting to friends and keep updated with all the latest news and gossip so somewhere with WiFi is essential


  • A challenge – whether doing a sports challenge or having a go on something like a Segway or a quiz, many teens will still love a challenge


  • Some space – if you also have younger siblings, teenagers will want some peace and quiet so think about whether they can have a separate room or share with someone else


And at the top of their list? Being with you and spending quality time together as a family! Wherever you go or if you are staying at home and just opting for some family days out instead, just spending time together is actually what they really want.


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