Guest Lyn Hawker: “We don’t have to spend hundreds extra on activities at Potters”

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Whether you have been coming for decades or it is your first time to Potters, we love to talk to our wonderful guests about their favourite memories of Potters and what they love most about their time with us.

This time we have caught up with our lovely Facebook Fan of the Year, Lyn Hawker, to find out about her Potters experience…


What is it that made you Potters converts after your first break with us?

The first time we came we were so impressed with the friendliness of all the staff, from the lovely welcome of the reception staff to the cheery hello’s from the cleaners and any staff that you come across - everyone is so helpful. This is just one of the many things that keeps us coming back and they make our stays so happy and we really do appreciate it.

We first came in 2015, although it seems much longer ago, and we had heard about it from friends. We fell in love with it and we come at least three times a year now, normally on weekend breaks and we add an extra night on the Sunday to do three nights. We have seen people like David Essex and Joe Pasquale, and Stephen Triffitt as Frank Sinatra was amazing and I felt like I saw Frank live that night.

Our children are a bit older now so we have a bit more money to do things, although we sometimes bring our oldest son, Robin, with us as the children all love it too!

The social media Best of British weekend is a lovely way to start the year and everyone talks to you and we just have so much fun. It really feels like a family - we have our own family and then we have a Potters family too!


How do we compare to our competitors?

We don’t have to spend hundreds of extra pounds on activities at Potters. Potters includes everything and it means we can take part in all the activities and things on offer without having to budget. Other places charge a lot of money for something like badminton, but at Potters it is all included.


What activities do you enjoy?

I haven’t done the Giant’s Swing before, but I love the Segways, archery, shooting, tennis and lots more. I take part in the Green Goddess workout and got a chocolate for raising my leg the highest!

We’ve never had a bad meal at Potters and I call them guilt-free calories. The breakfast is to die for and there is so much food.

We watch every performance Potters Theatre Company does and they are so professional and as good as the West End. We then go and see Roxy and Aaron in the Terrace Bar after and they are incredible! The comedy team also get to know guests to see what they can get away with!

I love keeping updated with all the news and gossip on Facebook when we aren’t at Potters and it makes me want to come back.


What are you looking forward to this summer at Potters?

We are coming on our first summer family breaks as part of the prize for getting Facebook Fan of the Year. We are even in the Penthouse, so I get to do lengths in the bath tub!

One of the things I'm looking forward to on #SummerofFun is going to the Black Rock Grill, which is something we haven't done before, and the Potters Street Fayre on the Family Green as we have only experienced it inside before.


What is your favourite memory from your time at Potters?

On the Facebook weekend seeing the wedding of David Copperpipe and Debbie NoFee was hilarious and surreal, even from Buz injuring his hand the day before and then exchanging vows and saying about china in his hand. It was a crazy and funny weekend.

Buz makes it though and no-one is frowning when he is about. He will take you the longest route to get you somewhere though but he is just naturally so funny!


How do you describe Potters?

The best fun you can have.


Thanks Lyn and see you on #SummerofFun.