Making his mark this Summer - an interview with Mark Brewer

Making his mark this Summer - an interview with Mark Brewer

Meet The Team

Mark Brewer is the stalwart of the comedy team at Potters Resort, after being a familiar face to guests for over 30 years, and is ready to entertain you all once again this Summer.


With his unique sense of humour and ability to make us laugh-out-loud, only Mark can get away with some of the outrageous madcap antics performed. While his water pistol retired a few years ago, Mark still has many years of laughter and West Ham jokes left in him.


It wouldn’t be Summer at Potters Resort without Mark and we caught up with him for a chat to find out about evening entertainment at Potters, his delight at beating guests in ‘Challenge Us’ and squeezing into the Green Goddess outfit one last time…


For anyone reading this who doesn’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

I have worked at Potters in the Entertainments Team for 35 years and am here to put a smile on your face. You may be shocked, and think did he really just say that, but hopefully after a day or two you will be used to me! I am joined by the other members of the comedy team on stage in the evening and we’re always getting involved in various antics during the day too. I am also known for my love of West Ham and you may hear me say “I ‘av never known luck like that.”


What are you looking forward to this Summer?

Getting on stage in the evening and getting the audience involved in the laughs. Of course, I also love being outside at the Potters Street Fayre and seeing everyone enjoying themselves. I’ve had a go on the new assault course and I got stuck, and all the kids beat me! It is definitely one for the kids and adults who want to fail miserably in beating the kids!


Rachel and the team do such a good job in The Greatest Show, and seeing around 100 guests learning a routine and song with the team and then performing it in the evening is magical.


Is Challenge Us coming back?

Of course! We’ve changed the name from Champion’s Hour, but it is still us beating our guests at an activity. We still haven’t lost a game in 35 years, and we challenge guests to a variety of activities such as human Hungry Hippos, Football, Volleyball, Netball and countless more challenges. Whatever we do we win!


Will we see you in the Green Goddess outfit again?

This Summer will be the last time. I am already in XXL size and my body can’t get in the costume anymore! So, if you want to do some gentle exercises and see me squeeze into the outfit one last time, then don’t miss out. If you want to do some serious exercise then try one of our proper dance or exercise classes!

Mark Brewer as the Green Goddess

What is it that you love about Potters?

I’m so lucky to still be at Potters working in entertainment and be so happy in my job. Potters has looked after me and I’ve enjoyed every part of my life here, and watched it become the most incredible Resort. It is amazing how far it has come since those early days. I have the best job in the world and we’re like a big family.


Has the comedy changed at Potters now it is incorporated into the main show?

Years ago our entertainment was very comedy orientated and then songs were added to it, but Nicky Hathway and Nigel Pattle are amazing and have turned the shows into big scale productions with some comedy thrown in. The shows really are incredible and I feel very lucky to just be part of performances that can rival the West End.  


So many guests say that you are part of the reason they come back time and time again. How does that make you feel?

It makes my job easy as guests love familiarity and just seeing you makes them relax and puts them at ease. I feel very lucky to play a role in our guests’ holidays, along with people like Buz and Rachel who guests love. Many guests have also become great friends and I can’t wait to see everyone again this Summer.


Have you got a particular memory from your time at Potters?

When Potters won its first major award for Holiday Resort of the Year, and Brian and Judy went to London to collect it, and the team greeted and congratulated them at Norwich train station with music, drums and Champagne. On the way back to Potters we stopped off at Little Chef, but the Potter family had their dog with them and there was a big sign saying NO DOGS. I said to Judy “You’re now blind and need to bring your guide dog into the restaurant”. Judy always wore big dark glasses and the restaurant went along with it. I ‘av never known luck like that!


Another highlight was performing Brewer’s Night Out at the London Palladium in 1993, which was a venue I’d always wanted to perform in. We raised over £40,000 for charity.


What was Summer like at Potters when you first started?

Back then the Resort was only open for 20 weeks of the year, from Easter to September and the Summer months were the busiest. The entertainments team was made up of three boys and three girls, plus a pianist. The six of us provided all the entertainment from morning through to night and if we needed any extras to join a show or sketch we would bring members of staff in from other departments - the kitchens, bars, in fact anyone who had talent would join the entertainments team for the season.


Have you got any favourite sketches from over the years?

In the golden era it was the sausage sketch, which guests still talk about now, and the swimming sketch and Riverdance were really popular. I still remember when my five-year-old son, Alfie, performed Saturday Night Fever in his white suit. He knew the routine inside out and all the dancers joined in, and there was such a big roar from the crowd.


So what’s the plan this Summer?

Well there’s definitely going to be a lot of fun and laughter, that’s for sure. We have some new comedy routines planned and we are looking forward to seeing you all there!


Thanks Mark, we look forward to seeing what you and the rest of the entertainment team have in store this Summer.

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