Six key things to look for in the perfect UK Family Holiday this summer


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Whilst many are debating whether to “stay or go” this summer, if you’ve already decided that there’s enough in the UK to keep the family happy and entertained, then you’re ahead of the game.


That said, there are still lots of decisions to make when it comes to finding the perfect UK destination. So I’m going to help you tick a few boxes in this blog.


Here are six key things to look for in the perfect UK Holiday this summer...


1) Inclusiveness (not price…)


Whilst some will argue price is the number one factor, inclusiveness is way more important. It’s not just about the initial booking cost, ask yourself “how much will it cost me in total?” because it can be easy to think you’ve got a steal of a deal. BUT when you factor in food, activities, entertainment, spending money and any number of other ‘extras’, you might realise after your holiday, or worse still during your holiday, that it perhaps wasn’t the steal you thought it was.

So look at options where much of the above is inclusive and compare the overall cost. It might seem a bigger initial outlay but when you list all those extras down with a cost per head, per day you might be surprised.

It’s never nice to be counting the pennies when you’re trying to enjoy quality time together with loved ones.


2) Suitable for the family


Many UK based short break operators will tell you they “offer something for the whole family”, but do your research.

It’s not easy to keep everyone happy on holiday, so look for a venue that will lay it all on for you with a massive choice of inclusive fun activities and entertainment, kids’ clubs and plenty of sports and leisure to keep bodies and minds active.

Think about who’s coming along with you, grandparents, friends, etc and what their interests are. Ask yourself “will my parents in their 70s enjoy this or that venue as much as my kids?”

When booking, find out as much as you can about family accommodation to make sure you’re happy when you arrive (as it’s often too late at that stage). What are the room layouts, etc so you’re not stepping on each others toes and you have your own space.

I personally like to book my holidays over the phone so I can get all the info I need and not leave anything to chance…


3) Weather friendly


If you’ve already decided to have a ‘staycation’ this summer, you’ll know our ‘unpredictable’ weather could play its part!

Therefore, a place where indoor facilities are plentiful is a good shout.

You don’t want to look back on your holiday knowing that inclement weather detracted from your overall enjoyment.

Think about your UK summer holiday

4) Traditional family fun


We all know kids quickly become restless if holed up for too long. Out come the tablets, on goes the telly…and despite your best intentions, that rare opportunity you get to spend quality time together passes by.

Even if you’re surrounded by a plethora of amazing facilities, many venues require YOU to book them (sometimes before you even arrive), YOU to pay for them, YOU to organise (like a military operation) everyone to be in certain places at certain times.

Choose a venue with jam-packed fun events suitable for everyone in your party. If a venue isn’t shouting about this stuff on their website or facebook pages, they probably don’t do it.

It’s refreshing to enjoy some wholesome, traditional family fun on holiday, far separated from the norm of being at home or at work amongst mind-numbing technology.


5) Area


This can be a tricky one. Essentially though, are you looking for:

A particular part of the country because you want to visit that part of the country, or…

...A holiday venue with particular elements that you’re looking for in a holiday.

One of the things that makes the UK great is that wherever you go, you’re never too far away from decent towns or cities, heritage sites, local attractions, so if you want to get out and about, just find somewhere that lets you rest your head of an evening.

On the other hand, if you just want to arrive, drop your bags, take a load off and have everything done for you, the venue and its facilities is much more important than the location.

If that’s the case, where can you go for a few days that has everything you could want under one roof?


6) What are others saying?


TripAdvisor and Facebook are perfect places to read unbiased customer reviews where you’ll get a much better feel for the venue than by reading a venue’s website or promotional material.


Somewhere that has the following should be put to the top of your shortlist:

  1. High volume of detailed reviews

  2. Recent reviews

  3. Consistent flow of reviews

  4. Maintains a great rating and ranking (after considering all the above)

  5. Clear references to repeat business


Check out the Q&A section as well, as this will often help clear up many of the questions you might have noted down.


The takeaway…


Booking the perfect summer holiday isn’t always easy and can be a balancing act. You might have different generations to consider, different wants and needs… but don’t forget YOU need a holiday too!

That’s why it’s important to find a venue that will take care of things for you, that doesn’t require an organiser to piece all the bits together. Ultimately, your holiday is about spending quality time together with no worries or cares in the world. Leaving chores and the daily grind behind.

If you can do your homework in advance on the above points, you might just uncover your perfect family break this summer...


The UK Holiday Industry was built upon traditional family fun, community and camaraderie, but very few of those venues still exist today as the industry moved towards self serving venues. Whilst many UK short break operators are therefore constantly thinking of ways to sell more and provide less, for almost 100 years and as the last privately owned family holiday village in the UK, Potters Resort has always done things a little differently…