Swinging to great heights: Spotlight on the Giant’s Swing

Swinging to great heights: Spotlight on the Giant’s Swing


Love heights or just want to have the best views out to sea?

Since opening the Giant’s Swing in July 2012, the outdoor 13.5 metre swing has become a regular have-a-go activity for brave guests.

On arrival at the swing you’ll be fitted with two harnesses and a helmet, and we’ll attach and strap you to the swing. Then it’s around two minutes for you to scale great heights as we hoist you to 13.5 metres. We’ll do a countdown and then release the cord, then off you fly! Make sure you keep your eyes open to experience spectacular views over the Norfolk coast and countryside.

Did you know? We may refer to the swing as the ‘3G swing’ as you can experience up to 3g of force when you fly!

Need to know: The swing cannot run with just one person and people who go on the swing must be matched together as a balanced weight is needed for a safe swing, so adults and children normally cannot go on it together. Minimum height for people taking part is 1.2 metres, with a maximum weight of 17 stone.

The oldest guest who has taken on the swing that we are aware of is 90 years old, so we dare anyone to have a go!

The Giant’s Swing runs on most Family and Weekend breaks. 

The Giant's Swing will be in full-motion throughout our #SummerOfFun here at Potters Resort
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