“I have never been bored at Potters”: Potters from a teenager perspective, meet Ellie

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Some teenagers can be difficult to please, but at Potters we have lots for all interests to enjoy.  

Ellie Hardcastle, 15, is a regular guest on our Family Breaks at Potters and, once a month, appears on the Atlas Theatre stage as a contortionist.  

We caught up with her to find out what we have for teenagers at Potters and why she comes back time and time again…


What do you love about Potters?

I’ve been coming to Potters since I was a baby, and visit with my parents and older brother and sister. We all love it and stay at least once a year, and also come up most months to see one of the Potters Theatre Company shows.

It is like a second home for me and there is so much to do. The days go by so quickly and everyone is lovely, and I never want to leave. I’d rather go to Potters than anywhere else. My mum has been coming since she was 12.


What is there at Potters for teenagers?

The assault course and climbing wall, Segways, archery and swimming, and just so much. I love it all! The hot tub is amazing too. There is something for everyone, so many activities and the team are wonderful. You can also just go for a walk to the beach and in the rambles woodland walk, and I have never been bored at Potters. Buz, Mark, Rachel, Darren, Mel and Sue I have known since I was little and you easily make friends too.

The Potters Theatre Company shows are stunning and I love to watch them and learn the routines. I have seen all their shows!


And you are known as ‘bendy Ellie’ – can you tell us about this?

I am a contortionist and perform on the Potters stage once a month, which is such a thrill and I am in my element on stage. I taught myself two years ago and practice most days. I am also working with Chesney Hawkes this summer in GODSPELL performances.


What is the food like?

I love Potters food. The pancakes are the best creation and I always have them for breakfast. I love everything and trying new things, and always have dessert too.


And you have just joined us for work experience for a week. How was that?

Brilliant and really interesting to see it from the other side and how hard everyone works. I would love to work here when I turn 16!


Can you describe Potters in a few words?

Amazing, fun and family friendly.


Thanks to Ellie for speaking to us. She really is a brilliant contortionist!