Why you should take grandparents on holiday with you and what you need to know


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There are various benefits of bringing the grandparents on holiday with you. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a multi-generational break…


  • Quality time together – enjoy spending time together as a family in a relaxed setting. Sometimes grandparents spend more time with the grandchildren than they do with the parents if they look after them while parents are working, so a break away together gives you all a chance to recharge the batteries and catch up. It can also be a good way for different ages and interests to bond and strengthen relationships, or it can just be a way to combat loneliness for older people, especially those who don’t live near their families, and enjoy making memories together


  • Share knowledge, reminisce and try something new together – grandparents can teach youngsters what hopscotch is and how to skim stones, dad can seek out the perfect place to play pooh sticks and build sandcastles, teenagers can show everyone how to do the floss and toddlers can tell everyone who Upsy Daisy is! Bringing all the family on holiday is the perfect way to pass knowledge down to different generations and have fun trying out a new activity together


  • Spend time together as a couple – as well as spending time together as a family, it is also important to spend time together as a couple, something that is hard to do when you have children and need childcare to be able to leave the house together! Try and have a couple of opportunities on your holiday to spend time with your other half, and leave the children in the capable hands of their grandparents. Spending time together is of course important, but so is having some precious time on your own to enjoy a walk, a massage or try a new sport or activity together.


Enjoy a multi-generational holiday

If you do want to book a three generation holiday, here are some important things to consider…


  • Depending on the ages of the grandparents or young children, a staycation may be a better option than a holiday abroad, especially considering airport parking (probably for two cars!), transfer times and transporting all the children’s essentials with you


  • Think about accommodation as it may be best for the grandparents to have some privacy and a retreat at the end of each day, rather than everyone sharing a room together


  • Have a chat before you go so you are all clear about certain rules, such as bed time for youngsters and if grandparents would rather sit back and watch little ones taking part in activities or be more active. Perhaps suggest that a third of the time everyone can be together, a third of the time grandparents can look after the grandchildren and that they then have a third of the time to themselves


  • Choose somewhere that caters for everyone and a range of interests – if there is a mix of ages you’ll need to keep everyone happy so make sure there are activities or facilities that everyone can enjoy, such as swimming, sports and a programme of fun family events


  • There are lots of places offering self catering holidays which is all well and good, but why not choose somewhere that will give you a break from the daily grind – it’s a holiday so you all need to put your feet up and enjoy someone else doing all the hard work!


  • If you are considering a lengthier holiday abroad, have a trial run with a short two or three night break away in the UK


Did you know?

It has also been reported that a third of grandparents take their grandchildren on holiday with them as a break for busy parents who don’t have enough holiday or the money to take their children on holiday in an affectionate travel term called ‘gramping’.