Take aim and have a ball: Sports Coaching tips and advice

Take aim and have a ball: Sports Coaching tips and advice


At Potters we have expert Sports Coaches to ensure that your youngsters learn the ropes in a range of sports, including badminton, football, golf, tennis, squash and table tennis. Let them hone their skills, and experience something new and exciting on a range of family breaks featuring sports coaching. We caught up with some of our sports coaches to find out their top sports tips…

  • Russell King, table tennis instructor and a double world record holder has won over 700 trophies in his sport: “Nothing happens without hard work, commitment and determination. It’s also important to respect other competitors and compete fairly. If you’re at the top of your game, strive to play for your country. I love working with Potters as guests can excel in sports that they’d never even considered doing, then carry them on when they get home. It’s wonderful helping to inspire all ages.
  • Paul Reaney, football coach and ex-Leeds and England football star: “What I bring to Potters is fun, as well as honing football skills. My top tips are to work hard on your skills and fitness, enjoy yourself and, above all, have fun. I always tell children to work hard in their chosen sport and enjoy it. I provide tips to youngsters as they are having a kick about so I can see how they can improve their game. Parents love cheering on from the side-lines and often are more competitive than the children!”
  • Max Dawson, squash instructor has been playing squash for over 30 years, and said: “The sessions allow people who have never played before to discover a sport they love. I always tell guests to take one step at a time and then practice. There are people I taught aged 8 at Potters who are coming back now they are 21.”
  • Mark Websdale, tennis instructor comments: “There’s demonstrations and games in tennis coaching, and my top tip is for people to just move their feet! We have around 15 people at the coaching sessions so that guests can get the most out of the sessions and have mini lessons.”
  • Jeff Watson, badminton instructor: “We run sessions for 5-10 year olds, 11-15 year olds, adult beginners and adult tournaments. My tip is to just have fun as finding a sport you love is the key to enjoying sport and fitness. In the session the focus is on gaining a basic knowledge of the sport and the basic techniques required to play and score a game. Some players who started out playing at Potters have gone on to represent their county, like Ashleigh Smith from Essex.”
  • Mark Sumner, golf instructor: “Learn how to hold the club! Golf sessions are great for all ages so all the family can have fun together. It’s the first time some people have played golf so the first challenge is to teach them how to hold the club, or even showing people who have been holding it wrong and seeing the difference it can make to be shown the right way!”

Here’s our guide to Sports Coaching in numbers…

  • Sports Coaching appears on more than 20 family breaks in 2019
  • Sports Coaching breaks at Potters began in 1988, the same year that the first BBC Red Nose Day took place
  • Russell King has won over 700 medals for Table Tennis, that’s a medal a day for two years
  • Football coach Paul Reaney has three England caps
  • In a 90-minute session of badminton coaching, shuttlecocks are hit over 3,000 times
  • Sports have different sessions for various age groups, so youngsters are with similar ages
  • 198 golf balls were lost last year!
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