Celebrating 100 Potters breaks – Tina and Tim Steel

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Tina and Tim Steel have recently celebrated their 100th visit to Potters Resort since first staying in 2011 – meaning they have achieved this in just eight years! We caught up with Tina to find out why they love Potters and what Potters means to them…


When were you first introduced to Potters?

We have been staying since November 2011 when we decided to have a ‘get away from it all’ break. Our son had been to Potters with friends and suggested we give it a go, and we've never looked back.

Since then, we’ve been on #SummerofFun, Betwixmas, various One Night Breaks, the Winter Ball, Summer Ball, Halloween, New Year and many more. Generally my husband, Tim, and I come with family members, but sometimes with friends.

What do you love about Potters?

Everything… the accommodation, food, the friendliness, helpfulness, family atmosphere, decor, cleanliness, beautiful gardens, entertainment, activities and comedy.

Have you got any special Potters memories from over the years?

We have many happy memories and never leave Potters without making new ones, but the one that is most memorable was our daughter, Sarah’s, 18th birthday. We asked if Potters could help us and wow you pulled out all the stops with lots of surprises, including a wonderful video from David Griego as Sarah loves Frankie’s Guys.

Also the infamous wedding of Debbie NoFee and David Copperpipe, and Sarah was a bridesmaid. It was so realistic, enjoyable and so funny - well done to Mike and Tara Scott.

Mark Brewer has to be the main man for us, as he always goes the extra mile to socialise with us and make us comfortable, though very often wet! Others who spring to mind include Darren, Jake, Jack, Rachal, Aaron Bolton, Jan from restaurant, Anna from reception, Ewelina from Black Rock Grill, PhotoWizards, James R Hearn and so many more. The number one thing for me is when members of the Potters Theatre Company make an effort to speak to us, such as Craig Joseph, Sion Hathway and Fraser Callaghan.

Tim Steel
Tim with Darren

What do you think about Potters Theatre Company?

One of the many reasons we return is because of the entertainment and shows performed by the Potters Theatre Company. They are so talented and excellent performers, as well as friendly.

What do you think Potters will be like 100 years from now?

I hope that there are very few changes and that the Potters reputation will remain for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

What do you think about the food at Potters?

No complaints, other than too much choice - although my daughter is a particular fan of the chocolate brownie and wished it was available every night. Another of our favourites is visiting the Black Rock Grill.

Have you made friends with other Potters guests?

I can confidently say that almost all of our friends now are people we've met as a result of staying at Potters Resort.

How would you describe Potters in a few words?

The number one UK holiday Resort.