We’ve had a family here 76 times, how many times have you been?
We’ve had a family here 76 times, how many times have you been?

We’ve had a family here 76 times, how many times have you been?

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The Harveys - David, Jayne and daughter Sam (son Terry had to work), recently celebrated their 75th break at Potters Resort and we caught up with them on their latest visit…

The family from Kent have been coming to Potters Resort since 1990, after being told about the Resort by Jayne’s Mum, and are now planning their 77th visit early next year.

This year the family have visited Potters six times and are even considering mover to the area in the future to be nearer Potters!

Jayne said: “We must have stayed in every part of the Resort and the Penthouse is incredible. When we got married, we had nothing but worked hard so, for our 25th wedding anniversary, David told me that we could go anywhere in the world. I chose to stay in a Penthouse at Potters for a week. We don’t buy each other Christmas presents so that we can come for a festive break here.”

The best part of a Potters break? The family say it’s the people at Potters that make it really special, as David says: “The Potters team are fantastic and recognise and remember you, they’re the heart of Potters. Fran on reception is lovely and sends us birthday cards, and John Potter always talks to us, plus the gardeners. I’ve made friends with guests too and keep in contact with them on Facebook. As soon as we get home, we plan our next break.”

The family enjoy bingo and quizzes, Jayne has treatments in Aphrodite and they all say that the food is the best it’s ever been in all the years they’ve been coming, with Jayne saying the lamb shank is a real favourite and Sam loving how the vegetables are cooked. They love being on the same table and having banter with the restaurant team.

They also enjoy the evening entertainment, as Jayne says: “We’ve seen Frankie’s Guys 15 times and have seen Billy Ocean, The Overtones and been on stage with Joe Pasquale! We’ve had our 50th birthday and other celebrations here. We love getting glammed up in the evenings to dress-up, and we bring lots of outfits with us as we never know what we’re going to wear.”

We can’t wait to have you all back! A 77th visit is a good enough to celebrate, right…?