Why Millions of Brits Are Choosing a Staycation This Summer

Why Millions of Brits Are Choosing a Staycation This Summer

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As the temperatures soared to record highs this summer, the UK saw a whopping £31 billion boost to our economy. This forced top airlines such as TUI and Ryan Air to slash their prices in a bid to convince us to swap our Great British holiday destinations for the sunny shores abroad. With 53% of British citizens opting for a ‘staycation’ this summer, we look into the top reasons why millions of us are opting for a UK trip to popular seaside towns and rural country escapes on home soil over a holiday abroad!

• Great British Landscapes – our home land offers some of the most amazing landscapes suitable for any sightseeing enthusiast! Whether you’re interested in taking a trip to London or a rural country escape to the Lake District there are beautiful sights up and down the country that everyone can appreciate.

• Food- Our food is simply the best! Every brit knows full well that there is absolutely nothing that beats Fish and Chips by the seaside! From a full English breakfast to afternoon tea our traditional British cuisine is adored by all! Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about sounding like ‘Dell Boy’ in a European restaurant trying to pronounce one of their dishes either. There’s no language barrier meaning that you won’t have to worry about learning a new language.

• Flight Free-Take the stress out of having to make that 4:00AM flight as you struggle with all your luggage stressing about the baggage restrictions or the anxious feeling you get when landing. The benefit of a staycation is being able to avoid all of those dagger looks from disapproving passengers as your children scream the plane down! Many people in the UK are choosing to enjoy a holiday in the UK as it means no flying involved.

• The Great British Seaside- Whether you opt for the pebble beaches of Brighton or the golden sands of Norfolk, our beautiful coastlines can be absolutely beautiful especially for the warmer parts of the year. Millions of holiday makers from around the UK will be flocking to the UK seasides for an ice-cream, sand and sea this year. Just watch out for those sea gulls!

• Proud to be British- Holidaying in the UK means that you can explore your heritage, something that we are all extremely proud of! From the tower of London to Stonehenge there are so many mesmerising histories to explore up and down the country.

• British TV-You don’t have to fear missing an episode of ‘Coronation Street’ or ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, when you choose for a staycation you can keep up to date with all of your favourite shows at the touch of a button.

• Brexit-And finally, I’m sure you were waiting for this one to turn up at some point, that’s right BREXIT! Many Brits are now opting for a staycation because of their growing concerns on how Brexit is going to impact their holidays abroad. From fears regarding exchange rates and insurance policy changes, when you holiday on home soil you are sure to avoid all of these concerns and enjoy your holiday to its fullest!

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