Why we love Brian Conley


| 3 min read

We all have a soft spot for comedy legend Brian Conley, who has become a regular face at Potters over the years, receiving standing ovations and guests asking us to bring him back time and time again. He has no ego, after all he still loves us shouting out It’s a puppet’, and he makes us cry with laughter when he is on stage. Here is some of the reasons why we love him…

  • He doesn’t mind us reminding him of ‘It’s a puppet’ – and of course, we do! The Brian Conley Show, which went on to become Britain’s most-watched entertainment show of all time, featured a mixture of Brian’s unique stand up, musical numbers and sketches, featuring characters like Nick Frisbee and Larry the Loafer. As you will remember, Nick wasn’t suited for children’s television presenting, most notably because of the constant pain he caused Larry by hitting him with a club!  When the audience then said ‘aww’, Nick would reply “It’s A Puppet!”, which became Conley’s catchphrase. The show also gave us Dangerous Brian, a mock gladiator in a silver suit!
  • One of the greatest all-round entertainers – Brian is so diverse and is the epitome of a variety entertainer. In a career spanning four decades he has somehow managed to appeal to all, whether hosting his own chat show, appearing in West End musicals, presenting shows, releasing albums and having numerous sell out tours. It is his diversity that has meant that he has hardly ever been off our screens
  • He makes us laugh out loud – a comedy genius who makes us cry uncontrollably with laughter when he see him live, whether he is falling off the stage or shocking us, he is a visual performer whose sideways humour is incredible and needs to be seen to be believed!
  • His is a classic rags to riches story – Brian has dyslexia and was put in the remedial class at school and struggled with his writing. He says he defused his struggles by making people laugh.
  • He never disappoints – Even on his wedding day, he and his bride left the church in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car, and he proposed dressed as a knight! What else would we expect from the funnyman! He is also one of the nicest guys you could meet, with all the Potters team saying how nice he is when he visits.
  • He used to holiday at Potters! – As a child he came to Potters and it was over 50 years ago that he first appeared on stage at Potters in a talent competition. Don’t mention the fact that we turned him down for a job as part of our entertainments team when he was 17!