Indoor bowls goes viral – the shot seen around the world and hear from Nick Brett

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| 2 min read

Potters Resort is currently hosting the Just 2020 World Indoor Bowls Championships, featuring 17 days of bowls action with the very best bowls players from around the world competing.

Now, the whole world is talking about bowls thanks to an incredible bowls moment that took place on Monday at Potters Resort when the Open Pairs Final of the Just 2020 World Indoor Bowls Championships took place and Nick Brett achieved a perfect bowl – and that moment has gone viral!

The clip has had over 1.5million views (and counting) and was the talk of BBC Breakfast this morning, with the presenters saying how they have been watching the bowls and what a skilful sport it is, and how they would love to come and watch it! It has even gone on ESPN and there has been tweets from the Far East.

If you haven’t seen it, watch the moment Nick wows the crowds and achieves perfection, when his inch-perfect bowl in the seventh end tightened his and Greg Harlow’s grip on the first set.

England’s Nick Brett and Greg Harlow went on to win the final, against Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE and Alex Marshall MBE.  

We caught up with Nick Brett, who is always very humble, to find out what he has made of the clip going viral: “Obviously it is amazing and unexpected – and it just happens that it is me that did this bowl which has gone viral but it could have been any of us! It wasn’t too bad a shot! All of us deliver high quality bowls, and the best thing is people talking about what a skilled game bowls is, so this is just really positive for bowls as a sport.”