Pre-Arrival Information

We can’t wait to welcome you to Potters Resort, and here’s everything you need to know about your upcoming All-Inclusive Break. We'd ask you to read this information in full to ensure you know what to expect as we adapt to government guidelines.

As the lead name on your booking, we'd also ask you to please share this important information with all members of your party.

NHS Test and Trace

First thing's first, as part of the ongoing COVID-19 response, it is now a legal requirement for hospitality venues to display and support the NHS Test & Trace QR Code ‘Check In’.

Please ensure that you download the free NHS app before arrival, which will support our team during check-in and prevent any unnecessary delays. ALL guests 16 and over will be required on arrival to scan the code.

You can find the official App on your phones App Store by searching for ‘NHS Covid-19’ or alternatively, just tap on the button below:

The QR Code check-in offers a secure and straightforward way for everyone to check into the venue, allowing you to receive important public health information if needed. If you are unsure how the app works, this helpful video covers it in more detail...

If you do not have a smartphone to scan the code, we will have a form to complete that will ask you to confirm; Full Name, Contact Number & Time / Date of arrival. This personal information will be stored in line with GDPR requirements and destroyed after 21 days.

It is our legal duty to comply, and we will take steps to refuse entry to any guests that refuse to check in, so please don’t put our team in the position of asking you to leave.

When on Resort, additional QR codes will be displayed in all public areas for you to use whilst enjoying the main Resort facilities. We ask that you scan the QR code if you expect to be in that area for more than fifteen minutes.

All of our Team are also required to check in, and relevant records will be retained to provide if requested.

PLUS: A few other important pre-arrival questions...

1. Do you need to tell us about any additional dietary requirements or special assistance required, that you didn't already mention at time of booking?

2. Has anyone in your party been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

3. Does anyone in your party have the following symptoms: a high temperature, a new continuous cough and/or loss or change to sense of smell or taste?

If your answer to any of the above is "Yes" then please call us on 0333 3207 407 at your earliest convenience, and before the day of your arrival, so our team can help. Otherwise, we’ll move on!Hotel Sunset

Arrival at Resort / Check In

Please follow these steps to ensure your arrival goes without a hitch:

1. Please arrive within 15 minutes either side of your allocated check in time slot, as advised on your booking confirmation. So, if your booking confirmation states a 15.00 check in, you should aim to arrive between 14.45 and 15.15.

2. When you arrive, please stay in your vehicle and follow the signs to check in, which will take place whilst you and those with you remain in your car.

3. Our dedicated Reception Team will greet you with a warm welcome, before we:

  • Carry out a health questionnaire
  • Check your temperatures
  • Present you with your Welcome Pack containing essential information about your stay, wristbands, keys to your accommodation and your Private Lounge (if applicable).
  • 4. Once you’ve checked in safely, please go directly to your recommended car park.

    5. Immediately wash your hands in your accommodation prior to accessing any areas of the Resort.

    6. Put on your wristbands that we’ve provided in your Welcome Pack. We ask that you wear these throughout your stay, as they easily indicate to our team that you are a bona fide residential guest.

    7. Relax and enjoy your break!

    (If you're arriving by coach, please refer to the specific arrival information provided with your luggage labels.)

    Hotel Couples

    On Resort

    Please note, we are not accepting cash payments on Resort and our tills will not carry any cash. Please ensure that you and your party have a contactless payment facility in place before you depart for your stay with us.

    Currently, many of our activities require you to pre-book when you're on Resort. Further details on how to make activity bookings are provided below.

    We take every measure to ensure the health and safety of our guests and team at all times; a responsibility we, naturally, take very seriously. With additional measures in place, we need your help and attention to protect your fellow guests and those looking after you.

    So before your arrival, we’d kindly ask you to ensure your party are aware of our below ‘4 Tips for a Tip-Top Time’, which in turn will help to ensure your break goes without any unnecessary hiccups:

    1. Please observe all safety measures that we have in place. This includes signage around Resort and/or any advice from our helpful team.

    2. Please respect our team and your fellow guests. When we all work together, the enjoyment is greater and we are all safer.

    3. Please be patient. Our team is ready and we will have all hands on deck to ensure your enjoyment. But with added measures across activities and facilities on Resort, please bear with us in the event of any unexpected delays.

    4. For the benefit of all, and where applicable, we ask that any children in your party under 18 understand and abide by the social distancing restrictions and hygiene protocols, and that all children 8 and under are supervised by an adult at all times.

    With a choice of indoor and outdoor areas available for your relaxation, including our new South Terrace, please ensure you bring along some warm clothing and blankets too if you so wish, which are welcomed on the South Terrace or indeed any of our other outdoor spaces.

    Face Masks

    Face masks are mandatory in all indoor settings. To ensure we comply, all guests will be required to wear a face mask that fits securely round their nose and mouth, inside public areas (reception, corridors, staircases, etc.), during beauty treatments, in the Atlas Theatre and prior to being seated at restaurants and bars.

    All of the Potters team are also required to wear face coverings, either a face mask, or face mask and face shield in all public areas of the Resort.

    Guests do not need to wear a face mask in their accommodation or Private Lounge, and whilst eating or drinking in restaurants, bars and anywhere outdoors. Guests also do not need to wear a face mask if they have a valid reason not to. This includes (but is not limited to) physical or mental illness or disability, where wearing a face mask will cause severe distress, and assisting someone who relies on lip reading.

    It is a requirement under the new guidance that our team challenge guests who are not wearing face masks in areas where these are required, so please do not take offence.

    We recommend that guests print the exemption from face coverings badge from the government website as a useful way to demonstrate to others that they are exempt. You can learn more about face coverings by clicking the button below.

    Find Out More

    The 'Rule of Six'

    We are currently unable to accept bookings of over six people (including children) if the party is from 3 or more households. We will still be able to accept bookings of up to six people, or more if the party is from a maximum of two households.

    Your booking will have been accepted on these terms, and our team have taken every possible step on Resort to ensure your enjoyment and safety while remaining 'Rule of Six' compliant. However, we equally and respectfully ask that guests ensure they too are adhering to the law and therefore, while your group may be part of a larger booking, you are not permitted to join together in groups larger than six in any indoor location (unless from two households).

    For more information on how we’re keeping you safe on your break click the button below.

    Find Out More

    Enjoying a Drink

    Our All-Inclusive Breaks mean that drinks, that pesky cost that so often adds up on your holiday, are included throughout your stay, from 3.00pm on your arrival day, and from 8.30am on each full day of your break to close of bars, up until 10.30am on your departure day.

    During your break, we will be operating table service only; our team are not currently permitted to serve you from our bars, therefore table service will be in operation in our Bowlers Bar, Gallery Bar and Garden Bar. You can also enjoy table service outside on our South Terrace (weather permitting) between 11.00am and 6.00pm. Simply take a seat and our team will come and take your order.

    In all of these areas, we’d ask you to please not move tables and chairs from their locations. If you need help then please speak to a member of the team who will assist you, but please remember that the tables and chairs in these locations have been placed to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

    Couples relaxing with a drink

    Our Policy

    While our breaks are now inclusive of drinks, we welcome guests who consider this particular element secondary to the safe surroundings, variety of inclusive entertainment, delicious food, activities, sports and a host of leisure facilities. We discourage irresponsible drinking and as such, drinks with ultra-high Alcohol by Volume or caffeinated drinks such as shots, liquors or energy drinks, are not included.

    Our team is trained to acknowledge guests partaking in sensible drinking, and will refuse service to anyone they believe is drinking to excess. We encourage people to enjoy a drink with friends and loved ones and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!


    If you haven’t already advised us of the special dietary requirements of any members of your party such as gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, or of course, any allergies, please get in touch in the next 24 hours so we can make sure their needs are catered for. On arrival, please visit our Restaurant Team before 5pm to discuss your specific requirements with our chefs, as they will be busy during service.

    In addition to breakfast and dinner, on each full day of your break from 12.00pm until 4.00pm, you can choose from our All-Day Menu with hot dishes, jacket potatoes and salads available between 12.00pm and 2.00pm, and burgers and pizzas available between 2.15pm and 4.00pm. A selection of subs are also available via table service in The Garden Bar, Bowlers Bar and South Terrace (weather permitting) between 12.00pm and 2.00pm.

    Dinner will be a delicious 3-course meal with plenty of options to suit even the fussiest of eaters! Times occasionally vary by break, so please refer to your guest programme that you'll be given when you arrive.

    You will have been allocated dining in either one of our Private Lounges or in one of our Restaurants. If you’re not sure which you have been allocated, just check your booking confirmation and please see below for more details:

    Couples in restaurant

    Private Lounges

    If your party has upgraded to one of our Private Lounges, Breakfast can be ordered with our waiting team upon your arrival in the morning.

    To order from our All-Day Menu between 12.00pm and 4.00pm, just push the Service Button in your Lounge when you're ready, and a member of our team will come and take your order.

    For your evening Dinner, with the exception of your first meal on arrival (to be ordered on the night), we will place forms in your Private Lounge for you to pre-order for the following night, and your food will be served to your very own dinner party at the time of your choosing.

    During meal times, your Private Lounge door will be wedged open to help us serve you swiftly and efficiently, as well as reduce cross contamination and touch points.

    Private lounge

    Each Private Lounge also provides:

  • A fully stocked fridge with complimentary selected beers, wines and soft drinks for your convenience
  • An ice bucket
  • Soap and paper towels
  • Bottle of hand sanitiser
  • Tea & coffee making facilities (replenished each morning)
  • Our team will require access to your Private Lounge to carry out cleaning duties and general servicing. We’ll try to do this when you’re out and about, but this may not always be possible.

    Smoking is permitted on the external balconies only and not within the Lounges. Please do not empty ashtrays, as these will be safely emptied and cleaned by our housekeeping team each morning.

    Restaurant Dining

    If you are dining in one of our socially distanced main restaurants then please wait to be seated at your allocated table for all meals upon your arrival. You will not be required to pre-order during your stay.


    Our super talented team is here to entertain live, in the Atlas Theatre, in the Garden Bar or on the South Terrace, as well as through 'Potters Live' which is streamed to Private Lounges, Restaurants and around Resort.

    Day and night, you'll never be too far from being entertained by lots of familiar faces on Resort. Our entertainment is designed to complement your holiday, whether it be live music as the perfect background to your evening, or our main show in the Atlas Theatre.

    Due to social distancing, we are only able to accommodate approximately half of our resident guests in the Atlas Theatre on any single night. On arrival, you will be issued with Atlas Theatre show passes for two different productions per break (please note, guests on weekend breaks will receive one show pass, plus the opportunity to enjoy either a matinee or evening performance on Sunday). On the other nights of your break, you can enjoy live entertainment in the Garden Bar, or watch the Atlas Theatre show from the comfort of your Private Lounge or in your accommodation via Potters Live.

    The Booking Lounge Logo

    The Booking Lounge

    Breaks as far as our #SummerOfFun 2022 are already on sale and filling fast, so don't leave your next break to chance. You can book now online or call our friendly team on 0333 3207 414.

    Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to one of our team in person, you can visit our Booking Lounge on Resort during your stay. In order to keep everyone safe, we're asking guests to book an appointment here, which you can do right now or while you are with us on Resort.

    Activities & How to Book

    In addition to our day and night programme, there’s a variety of activities and facilities for you and your party to enjoy.

    Upon arrival, you’ll be given a daily entertainment programme which will contain the information you need to be able to book activities using our activities booking system via smartphone or tablet. For those without a suitable device, please visit our Reception or the Sports Kiosk.

    Please register for our Activity Booking System on your arrival day, so you are all ready to go at 8.30am the next day. Head to where you will be asked to enter your details including your booking reference number and room number so please have your welcome pack to hand.

    During peak times, if you are experiencing issues with WiFi on Resort, you may find it easier to switch to mobile data. Or use WiFi in the communal areas on Resort such as the Bowlers Bar where WiFi tends to be stronger.

    Couple on Giants Swing

    If you wish to enjoy a non-instructor led activity such as tennis, bowls, snooker, badminton, etc on your arrival day please visit the Sports Kiosk from 3.30pm to collect equipment, or if you’d like to swim, Palms is open from 3.30-6.00pm.

    Some activities do not need to be booked at all. You can simply go to the Sports Kiosk to collect equipment and away you go. Non-bookable activities include adventure golf, pitch and putt golf and frisbees.

    If at all possible, you should bring your own equipment for any sports you may wish to play, subject to them being available. However, if you are unable to do so, we will still be able to provide equipment and items will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

    For gym sessions at Palms Health and Fitness Club, guests can book 1 hour slots directly at Palms reception. The slots are available hourly from 9.00am-3.00pm (excluding between 12.00pm-1.00pm while the gym is closed for deep cleaning).


    Your accommodation will have been deep cleaned and sanitised by our conscientious housekeeping team. We will change your towels as needed throughout your stay, but for your safety, servicing will not take place during your break. Our Reception team will be on hand to help if you require fresh towels, or tea, coffee, sugar, etc, replenished.


    As we will have done prior to your own arrival, we need to fully sanitise rooms and the entire Resort before allowing access to new guests. For this reason we must insist all accommodation is vacated by 10am and that everyone has left the Resort by 11am on your day of departure. All keys can be returned to the dropbox upon exiting the Resort for your ease.

    Other Helpful Links

    Now we’ve given you all the essential info for your break, we trust you will enjoy a wonderful stay with us here on the Norfolk coast. But here’s a few handy tips to make your stay even more memorable. Just click on the links provided below.

    Aphrodite Beauty Studio

    Get pampered by our professional team with a range of treatments and products. Call 01502 734343 to discuss and make your salon appointments before you arrive on Resort.

    Palms Health and Fitness Club

    Our swimming pools are currently available (based on current guidelines) and individual bookings will be available to book via our activities booking system. Please note the changing room facilities are only available for after your swim and not before, so please arrive at Palms with your swimwear already on. For gym sessions at Palms, guests can book 1-hour slots directly at Palms reception on all days other than arrival days. Slots are available hourly from 9.00am-3.00pm (excluding between 12.00pm-1.00pm while the gym is closed for deep cleaning).

    Out & About

    During your break, you may choose to spend some of your time exploring the local area. We’re lucky to have many popular attractions within a short drive of Potters Resort, with a variety of interests in mind.


    We know our new All-Inclusive Breaks during this time are different to what you might be used to, so we've compiled a list of your most asked questions to help.

    And finally, just a few other bits to help you, help us...

    All Resort Health & Safety measures are fully in line with government legislation and all accompanying signage, communications and standards set have been implemented in conjunction with government guidelines and our local Health and Safety Officer, with the overall aim of "reducing risk to the lowest reasonably practical level".

    Whilst we have a responsibility for your health and safety, you, our guests, also have a responsibility to observe all safety measures that we have in place, to protect your fellow guests and also our team. All of our team, if they see any measure not being followed, are empowered to remind guests of their responsibilities, so please do not blame them for doing their job of helping to protect the safety of their colleagues and all our guests.

    Reception - Reception is manned from 8am through till 8pm. Please only go to Reception for urgent matters. For all other enquiries please contact Reception during the hours of 8am till 8pm on 01502 734340 and Security between the hours of 8pm till 8am on 07810 266588.

    Hotel Lifts - Please avoid entering any lift with someone who is not in your party as this will compromise them, and you, regarding social distancing. Where possible we would encourage you to use the many staircases available throughout the hotel and Restaurant Lounge areas.

    General Resort Internal Walkways - Please keep to the left when walking through the Resort, along corridors or walkways, and in single file while socially distancing from others not in your party.

    We trust the above information has been helpful and answered any last minute questions you might have. If we’ve not quite ticked every box, please feel free to contact our friendly team on 0333 3207 407.
    We can't wait to see you, and may we take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for reading this important information, as well as to wish you a safe journey to the Norfolk coast.

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