Cancellation Protection Cover

We truly empathise with how unpredictable life can be and the unforeseen eventualities that may disrupt your well-deserved break. That’s why we highly recommend our Cancellation Protection Cover to all our guests. For just £20 per adult (18 and over), you can protect your holiday booking against unexpected cancellation. This cover must be taken at the time of booking and cannot be added retrospectively. The premium is due when the cover is confirmed, but we won’t collect it until you pay your balance.

Our Cancellation Protection Cover allows you to claim a refund, excluding the first £50 per adult of the deposit plus the Cancellation Protection premium paid, as long as the reason for cancellation is covered. Guests without our Cancellation Protection won’t be covered for losses or refunds resulting from unforeseen cancellation. We can, however, issue cancellation confirmations for these guests to make a claim against other travel insurance that they may have.

COVER PROVIDED: In the event of cancellation of your holiday for any of the following reasons: sickness (including Covid-19), compulsory quarantine, injury, death, redundancy, jury service or witness/court summons, all monies, excluding the first £50 per adult of the Deposit plus the Cancellation Protection premium, will be refunded. In all cases where a claim arises, supporting medical/redundancy notice must be given, and all cancellations must be confirmed in writing.

CANCELLATION AFTER THE START OF HOLIDAY: Where a guest has to cancel their holiday after commencement due to hospitalisation and the Cancellation Protection has been paid, a refund may be made to that guest for the proportion of the holiday that is lost. The amount refunded will be at the discretion of Potters Leisure Ltd. No claim can arise from self-inflicted curtailment such as excessive alcohol consumption.

Guests should note that our Cancellation Protection does not cover Personal Luggage, Money, Accident, Travel, etc and should make alternative arrangements for these.