In a world where half board or B&B is the standard offering we like to buck the trend.  At Potters Resort every break is unashamedly full board and that means four meals a day for each full day of your stay.  That means: breakfast, lunch, evening meal and a midnight dish.

You are allocated a table for the duration of your stay, meaning there is no queuing , and we certainly do not operate a first and second sitting,  You can help yourself to as much as you want, meaning you can have seconds, thirds and even fourths!                  

We operate two restaurants on our busier breaks, but both offer the same menu and high level of customer service. 

Garden and Gallery Restaurants

The Garden Restaurant, with its impressive high domed ceilings and sophisticated design and table layout, seats over 600 guests and is available throughout the year for all guests. The Gallery Restaurant is designed to cater for a variety of party sizes and embraces a social layout..

Gallery Lounge

The Gallery Lounge offers guests a quiet spot during the day to read the paper, play cards or simply chat to friends old and new. The Gallery Lounge is the venue for our late night Disco on Fridays and Saturdays.

Atlas Bar

Measuring one of the longest in the country, The Atlas Bar is situated in the newly refurbished Atlas Theatre. With state-of-the-art Plasma displays, atmospheric lights and a spacious flooring area, it's the ideal location for before and after show drinks.


Terrace Bar

The Terrace Bar is the main venue for daytime and late night entertainment. With a well-stocked bar serving hot and cold drinks and a stage for singers and comedians, the Terrace Bar is always a fun and vibrant place to be. The bar also has an external terrace with umbrellas and a heated smoking and seating area.

Bowlers Bar

This is the perfect place to meet your friends during the day. Located right beside our main indoor bowls rinks, your refreshments are never far away. The bar boasts large HD TVs making it the perfect venue to relax and watch sporting events.

Black Rock Grill

The Black Rock Grill is a new, unique dining experience within the Resort . A selection of the freshest fillets, seafood and shellfish is presented to your table along with individual volcanic 'Hot Rock' on which you cook the ingredients exactly to your own taste. This unforgettable dining experience is available to residents at an exclusive discount of £10 per person. You can add a Black Rock Grill experience to your break for just £25 per person; this is saving £10 on the menu price. This includes a choice of delicious starters, indulgent desserts and your unique Black Rock experience.