Brian Conley on his top tip for Mother’s Day, who makes him laugh and what people might not know about him

Brian Conley on his top tip for Mother’s Day, who makes him laugh and what people might not know about him


The all-round entertainer always makes us laugh and is now heading out on a nationwide tour. We caught up with him to find out about his proudest career moment and what role he wants to take on next…

What and who makes you laugh?

“Tommy Cooper and his silly, harmless humour. Sadly I had tickets to see him, but they were two weeks after he died. My favourite story is about a camera rehearsal to make sure all the camera angles are right. Tommy wouldn’t do a full run-through for camera rehearsals — he kept his powder dry — so he’d walk through the whole thing, stopping at each point and just saying, “Patter, patter, patter... trick, trick, trick... patter, patter, patter.” The crew would be cracking up.”

Has your sense of humour changed over the years?

“No, it has always been silly. People who are naturally funny make me laugh.”

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

“George Clooney of course.”

What musical/part would you like to play next?

“I would love to play Miss Trunchbull in the musical Matilda - I think I'd be able to give that a really good go.”

How would you describe yourself?

“International superstar”

Your most treasured possession?

“My two beautiful daughters, Amy and Lucy.”

Is there someone that you owe your success to?

“My Dad and my beautiful wife Anne-Marie. I actually grew-up in television as my father worked for the BBC for 30 years as a rigger supervisor, so we used to go and see many television shows being made.”

The most expensive thing you’ve bought?

“My house.”

Any unfulfilled ambitions or anything you still want to do?

“I’ve pretty much done it all so I'm happy and lucky.”

Your proudest moment?

“Playing Al Jolson was obviously an amazing opportunity, and really turned things around for me in the sense that people began to see me as more than just a comedian. It also won an Olivier Award for Best Musical.”

Can you tell us something interesting that people might not know about you?

“I enjoy playing snooker. I always promised myself that if I did well in life that I’d buy myself a snooker table and I have one in my home.”

What’s your top tip for spoiling Mum’s on Mother’s Day?

“Don’t forget it!”

What makes you happy?

“Getting a standing ovation. Nothing beats that feeling and having a rapport with a live audience.”