100 Ceroc dancers dance for 100 seconds to celebrate our 100th year

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When we recently held a Ceroc break, the Ceroc team surprised us with a special dance – with over 100 dancers dancing 100 seconds in celebration of our 100th year!  

We caught up with Glen Brooks, organiser, along with his brother Paul and Karen Toko, of Ceroc UK, to find out about what they did…

But first watch the video! 

Glen, thank you so much for the amazing dance to celebrate our centenary. Why did you do it?

Well, it was actually Buz’s idea, which came to him over a round of golf! We wanted to celebrate the centenary and do something special for Potters, as it is a place we all love.

Glen with Buz

Did you practice the routine?

We put it in the programme and were so pleased by all the Ceroc dancers who wanted to do it. We learnt it in five minutes and had a practice, and then did it. We did four basic moves – basic octopus, high first mambo, a manspin and Ceroc spin, which probably won’t mean anything to anyone who doesn’t do Ceroc. It was great fun though and Michelle Batt sung Celebration.

Why do you love Potters?

I’ve been coming to Potters since I was five. My parents used to bring us on summer holidays and I now bring my nine-year-old daughter. It is a lovely team here and everyone just comes together, as it is so friendly. The food, the shows, the dancing and team and what you can do…it is all incredible. It is such a safe environment and the activities are brilliant.

What is Ceroc?

Ceroc is a national dance, which originated in France and has been in the UK for about 25/30 years. It is a really easy style of dance to learn and teach, and the social side is so brilliant and everyone has fun. A 20-year-old can be dancing with an 80-year-old, because it is all about the dance and having fun.  

We host a Ceroc break at Potters every year and have over 40 workshops and dance classes over the weekend. There’s lots of dancing and a highlight is also when we get to sit down and watch the amazing Potters Theatre Company shows in the evening.

What are some of your favourite memories of Potters?

I remember Mark Brewer being on the mic and doing a talent show with my brother, performing Joseph on rollerskates – where else can you do that!

Honestly though, every break here is brilliant. The ethos of friendliness has never changed and it’s hard to go anywhere that gives you a welcome like Potters does! On a family break, it is all about families being together.

The Full Momty

A massive thank you to Ceroc for doing this special dance – a wonderful way to mark our centenary!


Our Swish Ceroc break always sells out as soon as it goes on sale, but Paul, Karen and Glen come to Potters every December to teach three Ceroc classes from beginner to intermediate. This year they will be here on Sunday 6th December 2020.