Thank You for the Music ABBA: Björn Again are back


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ABBA’S music is legendary, and their greatest hits collection ABBA Gold is the second best-selling album of all time in the UK, just behind Queen’s Greatest Hits. Find out some facts about 10 of their best-loved songs and read our profile on Björn Again before their return to Potters in 2020...

  1. Waterloo – The group’s first UK number one is a song which set their career in motion with the 1974 Eurovision smash song winning the contest. Waterloo is the place where Napoleon Bonaparte met his defeat at an epic battle in 1815, and the song uses the battle as a metaphor for a woman who falls in love with a man
  2. Mamma Mia – Released in 1976, it was the second of ABBA’S nine UK number ones. The phrase ‘Mamma Mia’ is an Italian saying that literally means ‘My Mother’ and is used to express surprise. In 1999, the music stage production Mamma Mia! opened in London, with their songs used in the production
  3. Dancing Queen – A disco favourite, originally called Boogaloo! According to DJ Chris Evans, when this song was played at a Windsor Castle event Queen Elizabeth said: "I always try to dance when this song comes on because I am the Queen and I like to dance."
  4. Take a Chance on Me – The song spent three weeks at number one in Britain in 1978. Bjorn Ulvaeus enjoyed jogging and as he ran he sang a ‘tck-a-ch’-style rhythm to himself. This evolved into the line ‘Take a Chance on Me’, around which he wrote the rest of the words.
  5. Fernandofocuses on a nostalgic conversation between two soldiers in the Mexican Revolution war. The working title of the song was Tango.
  6. Chiquitita – A Spanish term of endearment for a woman meaning ‘little one’, this song helped increase the group’s global appeal. ABBA performed the song in 1979 at the Music for UNICEF Concert, donating half the proceeds to UNICEF
  7. I Have a Dream – Included a large Stockholm’s children’s choir, the only song that has additional vocalists to the four members of the band.
  8. The Winner Takes It All – ABBA member Bjorn Ulvaeus wrote this after separating from wife and fellow band member, Agnetha Fältskog. It's about a divorce where one person doesn't want to separate and clings desperately to the marriage. 
  9. Does Your Mother Know – Ulvaeus took the lead on this one, instead of the women, and details flirting with a much younger woman
  10. Super Trouper – The 1980 song was ABBA’S last UK number one. A super trouper is a type of spotlight!

Did you know…When they started, the four members had the brilliant idea of creating a name for the group by combining their four initials into an acronym. After five years LUAF had still failed to catch on, so they used their Christian names rather than their surnames, resulting in ABBA after a few different attempts!

If anyone knows how to get a party started and turn you into a Dancing Queen it is Björn Again. Read our profile on the world’s no 1 ABBA tribute band…

  • Björn Again was created and founded in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia by director and bass player Rod Stephen.
  • Björn Again is run as a light-hearted parody of ABBA, with the use of pidgin Swedish and stage character names of Agnetha Falstart, Benny Anderwear, Frida Longstokin and Björn Volvo-us.
  • They have performed over 7,000 concerts in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • The group is regarded as one of the most successful tribute bands of all time, having played concert venues from the Sydney Opera House to Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium, as well as major rock festivals including Reading, T in the Park, Roskilde and Glastonbury.
  • Get ready to hear them perform hits like Mamma Mia, The Winner Takes It All, Chiquitita, Fernando, Take a Chance on Me, S.O.S, Money Money Money, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, Waterloo and many more in their glitzy 70s stage costumes.
  • Björn Again