The Potter Family

Potter Family

On July 19th 1913 the first generation Potter won £500 in a newspaper competition. He was a poorly paid solicitor’s clerk in Norwich, when the telephone bell sounded and announced his good fortune.

Fortunate to survive in the French trenches during the First World War he returned safely and built the first permanent Holiday Camp with timber huts in 1920. It was called Potters.

Having stayed at nearby Caister Camp, established in 1908, but still under canvas, he was inspired by the idea and the friendly camaraderie. Those first winnings became his capital to realise a dream that has grown to become a National institution. Billy Butlin copied Grandfather some 16 years later with his huts at Skegness in 1936.

We are particularly proud as a family to have had the opportunity to build on these early pioneer dreams and to have taken Potters forward by undertaking major re-investment to ‘reinvent’ our product and develop from an 18 week seasonal operation to 52 weeks without a sunny climate to assist.

Now re-branded for the 21st century as ‘Potters Resort’, our family are proud to be the longest serving and still privately owned, holiday centre in the U.K. Potters Resort has achieved the highest accolade in tourism from enjoyEngland since 2002 by being awarded ‘5 Star Holiday Village Status’ ~ the first in the UK.

The resort has been owned by the Potter family since 1920, and today third and fourth generations of Potters are very proud to have achieved the highest accolade in tourism from the English Tourist Board, together with many other prestigious awards recognising the variety of facilities and wide ranging choice of holidays and short breaks.

At Potters we strongly believe in re-investment of any profit to ensure our standards and quality of service are foremost and evident to our Guests.

Why has Potters Been Awarded 5 Star Holiday Village Status for 16 Consecutive Years?

The five star grading is judged by the highest authority in our industry, ‘enjoyEngland’. This was previously known as the English Tourist Board (not to be confused with the AA’s Hotel scheme), and we believe the reason we have received such an accolade reflects not only on our continual investment in our guests facilities, but also the investment in our team here at Potters.

Potters employs 1 member of staff to every 1.5 guests!

This is the highest staff to guest ratio in our industry, which we hope goes someway to illustrate our commitment in offering exceptional levels of customer service and attention to detail. However, this is only a statistic in a brochure and a brochure cannot really illustrate a far more important quality that permeates throughout our team and that is their friendliness! This is not a corporate style of ‘friendly’, which we can all see through these days – but a genuine warmth. This makes us as a family very proud to employ such a dedicated and passionate team, which is truly focused on an uncompromising commitment to quality and service. That is what our many regular guests continually remind us is the most distinguishing factor that sets us above others, and will leave you with a lasting impression that will make you want to return time and time again.

Over 80% of first time visitors return to Potters for another short break or holiday.

With probably the highest level of repeat business in our industry we put this down to not only superb facilities, the best in entertainment, good food, comfortable accommodation and of course the above mentioned friendliness of the Resort and its team, but also for our guests to return we understand that they must feel they have received value for money.

A break at Potters includes so much more in the break price...

Unlike so many others these days who seem to want to squeeze every last penny out of each customer by expecting you to pay extra for everything on top of your holiday price. We don’t believe in this approach at Potters as we continually aim to offer a more inclusive package that doesn’t leave you feeling like a walking cash machine whilst you are supposed to be relaxing on a break! Take a look at the table opposite to see how these extras really do add up when compared to the more inclusive value that awaits you here at Potters.

Potters relies almost solely on word of mouth and recommendations from existing guests!

We focus on this friendliness and inclusive value not just because it is ingrained in our ethos at Potters, but also because we are not a faceless multinational company spending millions on marketing and advertising to get new customers to replace those that defect after their first experience – we instead rely on our returning guests coming back to see us again and again, and when they are not with us to be recommending us to their friends and family back home. We prefer it this way as we can then spend resources on our facilities and team for your comfort rather than waste it on huge national advertising campaigns!

This website can only really illustrate the visible appeal of Potters and we invite you to carefully select the break type most suited to you and your party and come and see for yourself why so many of our guests return time and time again.